Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Bob Dog

In a previous post I mentioned that we were supposed to be getting a retired sniffer dog 'Bob' but the arrangement had fallen through. We got a call this week and were told that Bob was now looking for a home and we had first refusal.


On Saturday morning we took Marley to meet Bob - we needed to know if the two dogs would get on. Bob as ever was very calm and almost timid - Marley displayed his usual psycho Lab puppy tendancies but they seemed to get on. We brought Bob home with us and we will see how they get on. We have had an undisturbed first night and as I type the dogs are charging around the garden in the snow flurries. Hopefully today Marley will be less of a thug and Bob will settle down and come out of his shell a little. Oh, and by the way I feel a real numpty shouting, 'Bob, Marley'

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Ahh bless

Well we have had him a week now. That timid, shy little pup that we brought home is gaining confidence minute by minute and developing his own character. At times he is also influencing mine.


On our first afternoon we visited the local vets for a check up and injection. I expected him to yelp and whine but he didn't even blink as the needle went in - it hurt me more than him. Well actually it hurt Hazel most as she paid the bill. I have built him a small pen in the corner of my office where we have put his bed and food bowls and he has quickly accepted this as his space. During the day the door is open but I can shut him in at night or when we need him to be safely out of the way. He now collects things, shoes, trainers, sticks and anything else he can carry and takes them back to his lair. He has even attempted to steal Thomas' school rucksack - he can't carry it but drags it along the floor. -- Cheers Alan

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Day 1

On our return from our holiday we were supposed to have picked up a dog. Bob is a working dog who was no longer required by his owners. After out first meeting we knew that this two year old black Labrador was meant for us. Unfortunately whilst on the ferry back from France we received a call telling us that Bob was no longer available - his owners had changed their mind. Needless to say we were devastated. After a family chat we agreed that we would still get a dog - a black Labrador puppy of course!! We spent the next weekend searching and visiting breeders - nearly buying one from a nasty lady in Sheerness. On our way from her house to the cash machine we decided that something didn't quite seem right - she seemed more interested in the money than the dogs. Anyway we finally found someone with a litter of ten black labs - visited and quickly selected our favourite. We then had a two week wait until 'Marley' - named by Thomas just in case we ever get Bob, was eight weeks old.


On Friday 5th September we picked him up and brought him back to his new home. Let the fun begin!!